BNSF Logistics, a registered Professional Engineering company, lets you rest assured your cargo is in good hands.  We offer a broad range of technical services.  For heavy high/wide dimensional cargo, we provide load configurations on pre-clearance drawings and securement designs per AAR Open Top Loading Rules.  Shipments can be equipped with GPS to track location and/or impact recorders to provide data of in-transit activity.  For wind turbine blades straddling multiple cars, we have patented transport fixtures and continuously develop new solutions.  Complete new car designs are created for both freight and tank cars.  This work includes Finite Element Analysis and fatigue analysis, plus AAR and FRA approval package submittals.  Design modification drawings for existing cars are also produced.

When you have transportation service needs requiring specialized technical skills and experience, call us for a quote.

Our engineers perform inspections for:
(1) Dimensions of secured loads for final clearance approval
(2) Railcar repairs
(3) AAR Rule 88:  increased gross rail load, extended service life or increased life status used for submittal reports.

Our Primary engineering design services include:

  • Railcar Design
  • Railcar Inspections
    • Load Securement Dimensional Inspections
  • AAR Reports
  • Open Top Load Engineering Support (High/Wide)
    • Rail Clearance Drawings
    • Rail Securement Design
  • Load Impact Recording & Reports
    BNSF Logistics owns multiple GPS and Impact recording devices that can be attached to shipments to measure G-forces, vibration, and track location of the shipment.  When requested a vibration study based on the impact recorders can be created from the data collected.