Wind Energy Logistics

BNSF Logistics - experts in the movement of wind turbine components for safe, secure delivery to the lay-down site.

It takes special capabilities to synchronize component delivery to provide just-in-time staging for installation without damage or delays. BNSF Logistics has extensive and diverse experience in the wind energy sector, coordinating logistics for more wind turbine components than any other rail logistics company in North America. The cornerstones to our service offering–component transportation, distribution center and transload site development, and engineering–provide us with a broad base of available solutions and the ability to anticipate and adapt to client and industry needs. No component move is the same and each move may require a unique combination of resources to offer the most effective and efficient shipment possible. As a multimodal logistics firm, we can provide a mode-neutral approach to planning the transportation for wind components. Also, with our patented universal wind blade fixture, BladeRunner, we can make the switch between different manufacturers’ components seamless. Our engineering staff is integral to our day-to-day operations and long-term success. We have a mix of mechanical, industrial, and civil engineers on staff to assure that, from end to end, our clients have exactly what they need. From custom railcars and fixtures to site selection and preparation, we are dedicated to creating unique solutions that keep projects on track and cost-efficient.

The patented Blade Runner service is a universal fixture designed for rail and ocean transport to optimize movement of wind components between any two points in the world.  With the ratio of logistics costs for Wind projects running at nearly 2X other industries, and with strong interest from manufacturers, developers and OEMs seeking options for handling increasingly longer blades, BNSF Logistics teamed up with Energo, an engineering and design company with a long history in the Wind sector.  Together, we have developed transport fixtures that will greatly increase efficiency and drive down logistics costs in moving wind components. The patented fixtures and handling solutions that were developed will benefit customers for both international and U.S. domestic moves.  Using the same technology for ocean, rail, truck, and storage will allow blades to move without the need for attached fixtures, which have historically been both expensive and difficult to manage. As a SmartWay-certified company, BNSF Logistics understands the importance of the earth and its natural resources. No matter the energy sector – including solar, wind, geothermal, bioenergy and water – turn to BNSF Logistics as the leader in supporting clean energy technologies.

Key Services

  • Site Selection
  • Load Planning/Design
  • Railcar Selection
  • Storage
  • Loading and Tie-Downs
  • Rail Linehaul
  • Offloading
  • Truck Delivery to Wind Farm