Positioning You for Success

Strategically positioning your inventory can be the lynchpin in meeting customer demand.

Warehousing & Cross-Docking

When inventory is not moving from one location to another, it may require warehousing for a temporary time period before it can be delivered to its final destination.  As part of our warehouse solutions, we can help you identify where it makes sense to store inventory. We will analyze your forward and reverse chain to see if selecting different geographic locations would be more efficient, therefore improving your strategic advantage through effective inventory placement.

We provide strategic short- and long-term warehousing solutions throughout the United States and Canada, all while providing complete visibility to you through our inventory management system.

Key Services

Our inventory management system collects crucial inventory data that gives you real-time inventory levels and helps you make faster disposition decisions. Material distributed, forward and reverse, from suppliers and retailers can be in-bounded, scanned, stowed, and visible within minutes of receipt.  

Cross-Dock Solutions When leasing warehouse space isn’t cost-effective and you just need an area to stage and inspect for damaged inventory before reloading for shipment to the final destination, we can develop a cross-docking strategy that will:

  • Reduce the need for large storage areas within your own facility, lowering operating costs
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs
  • Reduce material handling, limiting this function to loading, staging, and unloading
  • Reduce the risk of damaged inventory reaching customers with in-house inspection
  • Reduce labor costs due to minimal handling
  • Reduce delivery times, as cross-docking facilities are typically located closer to the final delivery destination
  • Reduce transportation costs eliminating excess travel and lowering fuel and associated vehicle service costs

Addressing each of these areas of concern will ultimately lead to increased customer satisfaction in receiving a complete and undamaged product, at a lower cost and with reduced delivery times