BNSF Logistics Adds Pair of Products from Industrial Sustainability Group to Company’s Carrier Supplier Incentive Program

Over-the-Road Services

Dallas, TX – Cultivating strong, lasting relationships with trusted carriers is essential to BNSF Logistics’ business. To help us do that, we created the Supplier Incentive Program to provide our network with deals on mission-critical supplies and services. The SIP program enables us to provide qualified supplier discounts on essential products and services aimed at helping our carrier partners operate more profitably and efficiently.

With the combination of COVID-19, high fuel prices and inflation negatively affecting supply chain networks over the past couple of years, the addition of two products aimed at helping carriers and fleets save money on gas and maintenance costs and reducing their environmental footprints will make SIP even more valuable.

“Adding the high-quality Fuel Ox® and Infinity Lube™ product lines from Industrial Sustainability Group to SIP is a natural fit,” said Craig Daun, director of Carrier Development. “Their fuel products will help our carriers save money on gas while their lubrication products reduce wear and tear on equipment. And, when these products are used together, they result in longer-lasting equipment, reduced maintenance expenses and better fuel usage. Plus they are environmentally friendly.”

Together, the Fuel Ox and Infinity Lube products have saved companies millions of dollars by safeguarding critical equipment. Fuel Ox delivers better fuel economy (with as much as 7-10% fuel savings), reduced soot buildup on exhaust gas recirculation, and increased horsepower, among other benefits, while Infinity Lube provides 20- to 40-times longer-lasting lubrication that reduces corrosion of treated metal surfaces and increases oil life, which lowers operating temperatures and increases sustainability.

“Industrial Sustainability Group is excited to be a part of BNSF Logistics’ Supplier Incentive Program,” said Rand Taylor, CEO and co-founder of ISG. “Our Fuel Ox and Infinity Lube products can help their suppliers run their businesses more efficiently while saving them valuable time and money.”

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About BNSF Logistics
BNSF Logistics is a technology- and people-driven third-party logistics company that delivers what matters to our people, our customers, our carriers, and our communities. We are a growing company that dares to embrace imagination and combine it with deep experience and technology to provide smart, creative supply chain solutions that align with our customers’ business needs and bring on-time, measurable results to their bottom line.

As a subsidiary of Burlington Northern Santa Fe, LLC, a Berkshire Hathaway company, BNSF Logistics specializes in the movement of freight, leveraging uncommon service scope, resources, and financial depth.

About ISG
Industrial Sustainability Group (ISG) manufactures and markets fuel additives and lubricants to help trucks, marine vessels, heavy equipment and machine operators sustainably improve the fuel efficiency, operating life and performance of their equipment while reducing maintenance costs, equipment downtime, emissions and pollutants.

The company’s flagship product, Fuel Ox® with Combustion Catalyst, comes in a variety of seasonal and application-specific formulas. Infinity Lube™ complements the Fuel Ox fuel additives with a proprietary formula that lubricates, conditions and hardens metal machine parts, reducing friction and operating temperatures while improving durability and performance. ISG helps it customers reduce their footprint on the environment as its products are bio-based and almost completely toxin-free, making them environmentally safe to use.

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