Any Widget, Just In Time

The manufacturing industry is big and broad and moving at a pace that requires efficiency and solutions that anticipate your needs.


Through an extensive service offering of different modal options and ordering services, we want to make life easier for you, so you can make life safer for us.

Our aerospace/government services team features industry insiders with years of real-world experience and utilizes our entire multi-modal tool box to ensure that what you need gets where it needs to go. We don’t rest until we find an optimized solution specific to your unique requirements.

Key Services

Key Services

  • Manufacturing Plant Relocation and Component movement
  • Parts Import and Domestic Transport
  • Finished Auto Deployment
BNSF Logistics understands the unique logistics challenges facing the automotive and manufacturing industry and we are ready to take on your complex logistics needs so you can maximize your manufacturing effectiveness. We have the skills and experience to manage complex supply chains and handle multiple suppliers. We are prepared to optimize your global supply chain, providing manufacturing logistics
solutions to address every step of the value chain.

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