Exceptional service for big, heavy, wide moves

Whether you need to move a specific piece of large equipment or embark on an entire construction project, BNSF Logistics is ready to help make that move possible.

Industrial Products

We move everything from the large construction equipment to the materials needed to make the construction project happen. No move is too large or too small for us to handle.

Check out the newest addition to our rail fleet, TEXX900 >>

Our recently launched Con/Ag Rail Service is opening an economical, environmentally friendly mode to manufacturers and distributors of construction and agricultural machinery. Whether moving within North America or moving to or from other locations, using rail for long-haul movements makes perfect sense.

BNSF Logistics specializes in industrial freight and provides targeted solutions that reduce operating costs and improve service levels, while freeing your team to focus on strategic initiatives. We understand your unique logistics challenges that must address problems such as insufficient capacity, rising freight costs, and inconsistent service. Therefore, our expertise and experience in industrial freight makes us the ideal solution. We have a nearly limitless carrier base that is equipped to handle your needs, while reducing your risk and protecting your finances.

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