Moving Energy to Where It's Needed Most

Energy sources are changing, and you need a way to bring those resources to your customers. From traditional oil and gas to power generation to renewable energies such as wind and solar, we have transportation solutions that span your entire energy supply chain.


BNSF Logistics is a diverse group of thought leaders and difference makers who design, build, and deliver dynamic solutions that drive innovation. Our agile team or experts provide a unique suite of custom solutions tailored specifically to customer and project needs.
The wind energy sector has been growing at a steady pace across North America for more than a decade. As innovations to components change consumer needs, they also impact the logistics of getting wind farms up and running.

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Power Gen
Every year, BNSF Logistics coordinates the movement of hundreds of industrial transformers, generators, and other power gen components across North America and around the world. We have a wide range of services and solutions to support your power gen logistics needs. Our offering is supported by a comprehensive service portfolio to optimize performance, reliability, and efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. What makes our solutions the most powerful is our PowerGen team that brings decades of industry-specific experience and operational expertise. Their goal is to deliver transport solutions that deliver the results you need to stay on time and on budget.

Key Services

Oil and Gas
We support exploration needs in the oil and gas industry by offering a wide range of services and solutions. Our capabilities in frac sand and proppants transportation, which includes both import and domestic distribution services, are some of the best in the industry. Materials in this industry require a strong understanding of their transportation-dependent nature, which is why our solutions experts leverage our existing and unique multi-modal expertise to get the job done.

Key Services

  • Hotshot Service
  • Rig Moves
  • Drill Cuttings
  • Frac Sand and Ceramic Proppants
  • Pipe Casing
  • Flexitank Capabilities

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