Over-the-Road Services

Wind turbine manufacturer with 30 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and
operating wind turbines, delivering over 18 GW of renewable energy globally.

Company Profile

The client sought a distribution center for wind turbines in Nebraska (Laydown Yard). The
site needed rail and highway access, a minimum 12.5-acre storage area for tower
sections and machine heads, and a 100-mile radius from the wind farm.

Business Challenge

BNSF Logistics found 10,000 feet of railroad tracks on Nebraska farmland 22 miles from
the wind farm. The proposed distribution center met customer requirements. BNSF
Logistics developed the site to support a 250-ton crawler crane with a 245,000-pound
machine head at 65 psi. Truck delivery of tower sections and machine heads to the wind
farm required improving the site’s access road.


BNSF Logistics completed the final design by thoroughly comprehending
evaluating the customer’s needs and the AAR’s tank car structural requirements.

Process / Procedure

Drones surveyed the property, and Virtual Surveyor and Civil 3D software
were used to design and develop the site.
Coordinated site development and county road improvement permit
with City/County/State officials.
The site was civilly designed.
Construction of the laydown site and aggregate access road.
Surveyed and designed highway access road improvements.

Benefits Achieved

The project was completed on time and within budget.
On-time delivery of 300 tower sections and 100 machine heads to the wind farm
A reliable and ideal laydown site was created for this project and future projects.

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