Over-the-Road Services

Company Profile

American multinational conglomerate organization.

Business Challenge

The client needed transportation and engineering to move an 844,000-pound transformer from the Port of New Orleans to the generating station. Unfortunately, the power plant’s county line location made permitting and transportation difficult.


BNSF Logistics and Edwards engineers collaborated with county officials, neighboring counties affected by the transport, and the state DOT to understand their concerns. As a result, all parties collaborated on a safe work plan to protect cargo, equipment, employees, and third parties along the route and on-site

Process / Procedure

BNSF Logistics placed a barge at the Port of New Orleans, provided engineering and sea fastening calculations to load and lash the transformer securely, arranged barge transport to a nearby landing, and discharged the transformer from the deck barge in Ro/Ro operation. BNSF Logistics and Edwards conducted thorough road surveys and bridge engineering reviews. The teams presented the authorities with a comprehensive transportation plan to move heavy haul items on narrow county roads not built to U.S. DOTS.

After extensive research, authorities approved the route from a local barge landing to the job

Benefits Achieved

-This solution minimized environmental impacts such as pollution and emissions
-A zero-error strategy was set in all aspects of QHSE through compliance
-This was an on-time and on-budget solution for the customer

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