Supplier Incentive Program

Being A Part of the BNSFL Network Has Its Perks

We know that, as a part of our trusted supplier network, you are working hard for us. As a thank you, we established our Supplier Incentive Program to provide our qualified suppliers with deals on supplies and services that help them execute their business.

We have set up discounts with select providers on fuel, tires, insurance, ELD services, and permits. Check out the specifics of our Supplier Incentive Program benefits:

Fuel Discounts

Through AM Best and Love’s Travel Stops, SIP members can:

  • Save an average of $0.18 on every gallon of diesel fuel at more than 600 locations nationwide
  • Receive a scorecard at the end of each month that summarizes your savings
  • Prevent fraud, monitor spending, and track expenses
  • Avoid Comcheck fees with the BNSFL Fuel Card
  • Receive fuel advances on BNSFL loads and waive the 5% fee
  • Download the free FuelBook App to search for the realtime diesel prices at more than 7,000 truckstops

Tire Discounts

  • Save an average of $150 per tire
  • Receive personalized tire quotes
  • Gain access to emergency roadside assistance
  • Receive discounts on major tire brands such as Goodyear, Michelin, and Yokohama

Insurance Discounts

Our SIP connects you with McGriff, Seibels & Williams, Inc., to get discounted insurance products that are specialized for the transportation industry.

ELD Savings

Transflo provides BNSFL SIP members with a reliable ELD solution with great options and rates:

 Standard ELDFleet Telematics
Vehicle Analytics ✔️
Driver Behavior ✔️
Accident Detection ✔️
Warranty ✔️
GPS Tracking ✔️

ELD Device $49.95 $49.95
Monthly Service$20.95$25.95


This easy to use, in-cab MPG improvement app for Android provides a great opportunity for BNSF Logistics’ carriers to lower operational costs and receive immediate fuel savings. Other benefits include:

  • Quick 15-minute installation
  • Driver and truck analytics
  • Track trends and compare drivers
  • Promoting safer driving habits
  • Boosting asset longevity
  • Increasing overall performance
  • Real-time, adaptive feedback for improvement
  • Fuel targeting for optimal behaviors and patterns
  • Available on Android devices and Android-based tablets
  • Android kits also available for purchase

If you have questions about the Supplier Incentive Program, or would like to learn more about the PedalCoach App, please contact the Supplier Services team to learn more. Email: SIP@BNSFLOGISTICS.COM Phone: +1-479-203-5262