Supplier Incentive Program

SIP Card

We strongly believe in a solid foundation with our carriers. We actively communicate and continuously work on ways to provide assistance and make your job easier. As a thank you for being an outstanding carrier with BNSF Logistics, we have established our Supplier Incentive Program. We currently have discounts set up with select fuel providers that offer a combined average discount of $.30 off per gallon. We also have tire discounts implemented with certain tire providers that will save an average of $150 off per tire. Sign up today!

Supplier Incentive Program benefits

  • Discounted pricing on fuel, tires, and maintenance that could save carriers over $6,000 annually per truck
  • Fuel cards that allow for full control of what drivers are purchasing
  • Accelerated advances on loads
  • Greater visibility to BNSF Logistics managed freight across the entire organization
  • Centralized Carrier Advocate for carriers
  • More savings programs to come!


This easy to use, in-cab MPG improvement app for Android provides a great opportunity for BNSF Logistics’ carriers to lower operational costs and receive immediate fuel savings. Other benefits include:

  • Quick 15-minute installation
  • Driver and truck analytics
  • Track trends and compare drivers
  • Promoting safer driving habits
  • Boosting asset longevity
  • Increasing overall performance
  • Real-time, adaptive feedback for improvement
  • Fuel targeting for optimal behaviors and patterns
  • Available on Android devices and Android-based tablets
  • Android kits also available for purchase

If you have questions about the Supplier Incentive Program, or would like to earn more about the PedalCoach App, please contact the Supplier Services team to learn more. Email:SIP@BNSFLOGISTICS.COM Phone: +1-479-203-5262