Reverse Logistics

Key Services

  • After-market kit, consolidation, and distribution
  • Warehousing and inventory management
  • Project management and systems integration
  • Testing, repair, refurbishment, and liquidation
  • Complete Online Visibility
  • Specialty design and rollout execution
  • Recycling  and sustainability solutions

After-Market Consolidation and Distribution

We work directly with your return/post-shelf operations to position options for material collection. Containers are positioned at major retailers’ return centers across the nation to properly execute this collection.

Using our Transportation Execution solutions, we have access to all modes to transport materials directly to designated facilities or service providers such as liquidators or recyclers. We can also consolidate materials at our Reverse Project Centers for after-market testing and disposition.

Warehousing, Inventory Management, Project Management, and Systems Integration

Our inventory management system collects crucial inventory data that gives you real-time visibility and management of:

  • Inbound/outbound material inventory
  • Serial number and item information
  • Kit and consolidation build per destination
  • TMS for one-stop tracking visibility
  • On-site installation validation
  • Proof of delivery image capture
  • RMA integration with manufacturers
  • Plug and play testing with status indicators
  • Custom automated reporting via EDI or email

Refurbish and Liquidation

Staffed with certified and trained lab technicians, our Reverse Laboratories can provide full refurbishment services, including:

  • Plug and play testing
  • Triage and part retrieval
  • Data wipe
  • Reconfiguration
  • Image flashing
  • Rebuild and repackage
  • Custom relabeling options
  • Recycling sortation and distribution
  • Upload or transfer to preferred liquidation firms
  • Full visibility of the entire refurbishment process through 3RLink


We work with industry leaders in all streams of recycling to capture more revenue return for products. Once disposition of materials is determined, we can sort and distribute your material in the following recycle streams:

  • Metal
  • Plastics
  • Corrugate
  • E-Waste

Full visibility and reporting of your recycling data is available through 3RLink and you can get an understanding of your carbon footprint at any time.

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Project Management

BNSFL delivers a seamless project management solution to plan your most complex cargo and over-dimensional project moves

BNSF Logistics Project Management Office provides cross-functional leadership that serves to deliver your complex, high-profile over-dimensional logistics projects on-time and within budget while optimizing resources and capacity.

Every project is different, but we follow a distinct process that assures nothing gets lost throughout the lifecycle of the project.  We work with you to identify your key goals, budget needs, and establish a master plan that keeps us on track but also allows for changes in the project timeline.

Our goal is to deliver a seamless project management solution to you. Every time.

Project Process Goals

  • Create a single master plan that establishes a deliberate, structured and methodical process for managing projects
  • Define parameters for what constitutes a project and assign team members with specific responsibilities that will lend their expertise to successful project completion
  • A single project manager facilitates project plan from planning through closure, coordinating between the client, functional teams, third-party vendors, and suppliers
  • Improve visibility into project performance
  • Optimize resource management and capacity planning
  • Assist the importer in developing a documented and verifiable compliance program
  • Deliver projects on time, on budget, and within scope

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Engineering Services

BNSFLs' mechanical, industrial and civil engineers provide engineering design and wind and project cargo logistics planning.
BNSFL Engineering Services - railcar modifications and securements, site selection civil engineering, railcar clearance
Primary Engineering Design Services
  • Railcar Design
  • Railcar Inspections
    • Load securement dimensional inspections for final clearance approval
    • Railcar repairs
    • AAR Rule 88:  increased gross rail load, extended service life or increased life status used for submittal reports
  • AAR Reports
  • Open Top Load Engineering Support (High/Wide)
    • Rail clearance drawings
    • Rail securement design
  • Load Impact recording and reports on g-forces, vibration, and GPS location of shipments

For heavy, over-dimensional cargo, we provide load configurations on pre-clearance drawings and securement designs per AAR Open Top Loading Rules.  Shipments can be equipped with a GPS to track the location and/or impact recorders to provide data of in-transit activity. 

For wind turbine blades straddling multiple cars, we have patented transport fixtures and continuously develop new solutions.  Complete new car designs are created for both freight and tank cars.  This work includes Finite Element Analysis and fatigue analysis, plus AAR and FRA approval package submittals.  Design modification drawings for existing cars are also produced.