Risk Analysis

Reducing Shipper’s Risk by Using Advanced Analytics.

BNSF Logistics’ industry-first Risk Analysis Program (RAP) protects high-risk shipments. In addition, the RAP assesses customer shipments’ risk, reducing theft.

Cargo theft is not “victimless”

Shippers and consumers lose $30 billion in US cargo theft each year. Our Risk Analysis Team reduces cargo theft and loss vulnerability for shippers.

Risk Management Redefined

The Risk Analysis Program from BNSF Logistics offers a cutting-edge approach to preventing cargo theft and avoiding non-insured cargo claims. Utilizing automated and data-driven solutions, this program helps identify vulnerable shipments for enhanced security measures.

  • Shipper’s Interest
  • Cargo Claims Portal
  • In-House Insurance Team

Shipper’s Interest

We’ll help confirm that your insurance coverage is sufficient to keep you financially protected.

BNSF Logistics helps you determine what shipments may require additional Cargo Insurance.

  • Shipments with commodities valued in excess of the industry’s standard $100,000 cargo insurance limit.
  • LTL Shipments that may come with limited liability coverage which could offer less coverage than the actual value of the cargo.

Cargo Claims Portal

A dedicated freight claims staff with a user-friendly claims portal, to manage your freight claims.

We know that freight claims can be tedious and time-consuming. We make the process easier by providing:

  • Claims Management
  • Filing Assistance
  • Data & Document Securement
  • Carrier Follow up & Rebuttals

In-House Insurance Team

BNSF Logistics’ team of cargo risk analysis experts are ready to ensure your shipments are protected.

BNSF Logistics helps you determine what shipments may require additional Cargo Insurance.

  • Insuring high value cargo is quick and easy.
  • Superior knowledge of cargo insurance.
  • Fast response to customer inquiries due to team visibility.
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