Project cargo and heavy lift are broad terms used to describe the transport of large, heavy, high-value or time-critical equipment moves. Weights are commonly beyond standard load weights, and dimensions are often too large to fit in a standard container or on conventional transport. These moves come with a host of challenges and complexities rarely encountered when shipping general cargo freight. With our deep rail roots and industrial products experience, coupled with our recent acquisitions focused on this market, we offer a unique combination of capabilities and resources. So when the question is, “How in the world or where in the world are we going to move that?” the answer is always the same: trust it to BNSF Logistics.

Key Services:

  • Turnkey Solutions for Heavy and/or Oversized Shipments
  • All modes: Over The Road, Air, Ocean, Rail
  • Expedited Project Services
  • Complete Project Management
  • Computer Tracking
  • Purchase Order Follow-up
  • Documentation
  • Insurance
  • Project Supervision
  • Compliance Standards