Consumer Products

Logistics Solutions for Businesses of Any Size.

BNSF Logistics Project Management Office takes your complex projects from vision to reality.

Our consumer product solutions are designed to help you plan the most efficient and dependable shipment strategies, warehouse management, quality control, cross-docking, mass transportation of consumer products, and effective reverse logistics that help you manage the returns process.

We understand that timely and accurate delivery, minimal inventory handling for lessened risk of damage, and cost-effectiveness are significant considerations for successful retail businesses. With e-commerce increasingly overtaking in-store sales, our services are equipped to meet the needs of small and just-in-time orders.

If you need more in-depth analysis and optimization of your retail and distribution processes, our retail supply chain consulting team is here to help. We are committed to streamlining your distribution networks to reduce miles and cut out unnecessary costs. With our expertise, we will ensure the highest levels of customer service.

Key consumer products services:

  • Any-scale rollout kit/consolidation and distribution
  • Real-time project management visibility through all milestones
  • White glove pick-up and delivery options
  • Just-in-time/expedited transportation options
  • Helpdesk/product support options
  • Food and beverage logistics
  • Perishable goods freight logistics
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BNSF LOGISTICS is a subsidiary of Burlington Northern Santa Fe, LLC, a Berkshire Hathaway company.
With 20+ years of developing connections and capabilities, we leverage our proven expertise and deep financial resources to provide extraordinary service scope.
Our best-in-class engineering and project teams deliver comprehensive truck, rail, barge, and multimodal logistic solutions, with creative project solutions for every aspect of your complex, ultra-heavy, or largescale move.

We Deliver What Matters®

A comprehensive portfolio of solutions to efficiently solve the simple to most complex logistical challenge.

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