Schnabel Railcar Exclusive Arrangement

Schnabel Railcar Exclusive Arrangement

Flower Mound, TX – Transportation Technology Services (TTS), recently acquired by BNSF Logistics, LLC, and Siemens Energy, Inc., jointly announced an exclusive arrangement to market and operate the KWUX 101, 20-axle Schnabel railcar. The railcar is available for immediate use across North America.

This particular railcar was originally designed for specific Siemens transformers. However, the pin locations allow for the movement of a wide variety of OEM’s transformer designs. Additionally, engineers from TTS designed adapters that will allow a majority of transformer designs, including 7-leg designs, to be moved using this railcar.

TTS/BNSF Logistics will manage, maintain and have priority access to the Schnabel railcar. In addition to the KWUX 20-axle Schnabel railcar, TTS also owns three cabooses, three more Schnabel railcars, and two 12-axle flatcars. The KWUX Schnabel railcar will be stored in Rincon, GA, a suburb of Savannah, with TTS’ other Schnabel cars, cabooses, and 12-axle flatcars.

TTS employs some of the most experienced operators in the industry. Further, the TTS team has the capabilities for designing technical drawings, developing shift plans, and providing full scope logistics planning for complex projects.

Schnabel railcar specs:

Car Number KWUX 101
Capacity without bridge 1,046,000
Capacity with bridge 785,000 lbs.
Number of axles 20
Empty Car Length 119’2”
Maximum Loaded Length w/Bridge 154’10”
Weight of Railcar 529,000 lbs.
Length of Bridge 44’3”
Weight of Loading Bridge 228,000 lbs.
Maximum Vertical Load Shift 12”
Maximum Horizontal Shift 14” to either side
Width 10’0”
Height 14’8”
Horizontal Curve 150’ empty, 275’ loaded
Vertical Curve 1,650 feet (cannot be humped)
Power Supply Hydraulic pump unit at each end powered by diesel engines

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