When the Customer is King, You Need Solutions that Help Deliver on Your Promises

Managing your supply chain is key to maintaining customer satisfaction. And in the consumer products industry, the customer is king.  From retail and e-tail to electronics and appliances to food service and manufacturing, we have supply chain solutions that can fully support your transportation objectives.

Consumer Products

Our consumer product services include planning efficient, reliable shipping strategies, warehouse management, quality control, cross-docking, mass transportation of consumer products, and reverse logistics that optimize and help you manage the returns process.

For retailers, we know that fast, accurate delivery, minimal inventory handling to reduce the risk of damage, and cost efficiency are all central to your business goals.  As e-commerce pervades the retail space and outpaces in-store sales, being able to deliver on small, just-in-time orders is also an area of expertise necessary to meet growing customer demands.

If you need further analysis into your retail store-front and distribution processes, our expertise in retail supply chain consulting is poised to optimize your distribution networks to decrease miles and eliminate waste that will drive cost out of the supply chain and ensure proper service levels.

Key Services

  • Any-scale rollout kit/consolidation and distribution
  • Real-time project management visibility through all milestones
  • Retail in-store placement and installation
  • White glove pick-up and delivery options
  • Just-in-time/expedited transportation options
  • Helpdesk/product support options
  • Food and beverage logistics
  • Perishable goods freight logistics

For the transportation of perishable goods, BNSF Logistics is a perishable freight forwarder that makes it easy to manage your temperature-controlled product movement processes. Shipping food and beverage, medicine, cosmetics, flowers, electronics, and other specialized inventory, like fine art, requires extra care in handling and must be maintained at a specific temperature.

We hold our refrigerated freight carriers to high standards and make sure special considerations are taken for reefer shipments.

Special Considerations for Reefer Shipments

  • Do the items need to be loaded/unloaded and moved quickly (medicine, food, plants) or is there no fear of expiration (artwork, cosmetics, electronics)?
  • Are drivers trained to closely monitor refrigerated freight to maintain temps during transit?
  • Do you have quality checks in place to ensure proper packaging that prevents spoiling or crushing?

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