Strong relationships with carriers are what fuel our business. We think that carriers should be treated with the same respect and consideration as our customers because they are integral to our collective success.

We’ve built a network of trusted and qualified carriers and service providers across North America and agency relationships around the world. Our customers succeed when we can choose carriers that focus on reliable pickup and delivery service and safe and secure freight handling through cross-docks and warehouses.

Our suppliers and service providers prosper in an environment with consistent freight volume, competitive market rates, and prompt payment for the services they provide. Together, we offer sustainable supply chain solutions that effectively balance environmental impact, financial objectives, and customer service requirements.

TRANSFLO $VELOCITY is a service we offer our carriers that provides:

  • Getting paid faster
  • Keeping your original paperwork until payment is received
  • Confirming that your invoices have arrived for processing
  • Total control of documents

Learn More About Our Carrier Programs

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